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August/September Box Top Winners


Class: Mrs. Betz’s First Grade class with 461 Coke Rewards and Box Tops

Individual: Orion Carroll with 300 Coke Reward and Box Tops

The school has earned $185.50 from just ONE MONTH of Box Tops, PLUS another $30.10 from people using the Bonus Box Tops App on their phone.


Go Mariners!






Start clipping those Box Tops!

Collection bags that magnetically adhere to your fridge were sent home. If you are in need of an extra one, or would like one to stick to your fridge at work, please grab one from the COMPASS PTO binder in the front office in the cubbies.

Coke Rewards and Box tops can be collected in the same bag.


. Turn in box tops in the classroom collection box with student name and teacher’s name and grade on the back for our class collection competition.


Each classroom has their own box, except for Middle School.  Their collection boxes are in the front office. Please make sure to put your Box Tops in the Correct Box.


Please remember that we cannot accept expired box tops, and that Campbell’s has discontinued their Labels for Education program entirely, so continuing to submit soup labels does NOT earn money for our school and just means more sorting out.



A new simple way to submit!

Don’t forget to install the Box Tops Bonus App on your cell phone. It helps you earn Bonus Box Tops (in addition to the clipped box tops) by scanning and submitting your grocery store receipt from your phone. Our Box Tops Committee Chair, one person, earned $12 for our school in just one month from the Bonus App Receipts.

**If each family earned $5 on the Box Tops Bonus App just by scanning their receipts from their cell phone, then the school will have raised over $3,000, and that’s just for buying items you might already be purchasing.**

Our school goal is $2,000 in Box Tops this year to help fund field trips, school dances, assemblies, STEM fair, and so much more. Updates will be posted regularly.


Click here to go to their website.




Box Top Products



Here is a list of the new products that contain Box Tops:



  • Paper Mate® Clearpoint® Mechanical Pencils
  • Paper Mate® Flair® Felt Tip Pens
  • Paper Mate® InkJoy® Ballpoint Pens
  • Paper Mate® InkJoy® Gel Retractable and Stick Pens
  • Paper Mate® Liquid Paper®
  • Paper Mate® Mirado® WoodcasePencils
  • Paper Mate® Handwriting
  • Paper Mate® PinkPearl® and White Pearl® Erasers
  • Paper Mate® Profile® Ballpoint Pens
  • Paper Mate® SharpWriter® Mechanical Pencils
  • Paper Mate® Write Bros.® Pens
  • Paper Mate® WriteBros.® Mechanical Pencils


Here is a list of Products that contain Box Tops:

(For the actual products, please go to their website, or click the link above)


Baking & Bakeware


Food Storage


Household Cleaning

Meals & Sides

Paper Products


Refrigerated & Dairy

School & Office Supplies



Waste Bags

Contact the [email protected]