Coke Rewards
 Coke Rewards
Collect any bottle caps from any coke product.
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Scan code from your phone or enter code manually
You can still send your coke bottle caps to the school but if you enter them the school gets double the amount entered by parents.

Coca-Cola product bottle caps (20 oz., 1 Liter, and 2 Liter) and coke product boxes (inside the cardboard) all have rewards on them.

**For Coca-Cola codes, you have the option of submitting each coke code online at

Make sure to link your account to Bonneville Academy. Then print out what you have submitted from the coca-cola website, turn it into your teacher’s box tops box, and we will count those coke codes as DOUBLE for the purposes of the school competition (it makes it so much less time-consuming for our Box Tops/Coke Codes Crew to not have to enter the hundreds of codes ourselves)**

Remember to send in codes from Coke, Sprite, Powerade, Minute Maid, Fanta, and any other coke products as they are worth almost as much as a box top and often more than a box top.