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The Bonneville Board of Directors drive the vision of the school PREPARING STUDENTS FOR THE WAVES OF TOMORROW

Board | Bonneville Academy | Stansbury Park, Utah

The Board is a group of dynamic parent volunteers with varied background and expertise. Interested in joining the Board?

Bonneville Academy’s Board of Directors is a volunteer governing body to oversee the implementation of the school’s charter as approved by the Utah State Charter School Board.

The Board of Directors adheres to the philosophy that the ability of the school to carry out its mission and meet its goals depends heavily on the Board’s ability to provide strategic direction, select and support strong school leaders, and ensure the financial stability of the school.

The Board oversees the financial health of the school. All budgets are reviewed regularly and approved by the Board. The Audit Committee is responsible for to providing independent advice, assistance, and recommendations to the Board of Directors in the oversight of the internal and external audit functions of the school.

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