Drop off and Pick Up Procedure

Successful Car Pool is Everyone’s Responsibility

● You may not drop off and/or pickup on Montauk Lane. (The street out front of the school) This is mandated by Tooele County. This will be enforced.
● Pull up to the front of the line. There is room for 7 vehicles in either parking lot at the curb.
● Load and unload your child(ren) from the car door(s) closest to the curb. Students must stay on the sidewalk. They CANNOT walk through the parking lot. This is a safety and liability issue.
● Parents must remain in their vehicles! If you need to help your child(ren) get buckled, you need to park in a parking space & walk to escort your child(ren) to your vehicle.
● Load and unload students quickly. Packing backpacks, fixing clothing, combing hair, and such should be done prior to approaching the curb. Please park in a parking space.
● Be courteous and mindful of others.
● Please treat staff with respect. They are trying to keep things running as quickly and smoothly as possible and your student, safety is important to us.

Road Map of Drop Off and Pick Up | Bonneville Academy | Stansbury Park, UT
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