Michelle Briggs

Food Science
Michelle Briggs

Ms. Michelle started at the heart of the school–as a parent. She wanted the best for her son: a school where he could thrive and be inspired. Continuing in her roots from a family-owned restaurant, she worked at home as The Barefoot Baker, specializing in French pastries and everything sweet! She also volunteered at Bonneville, helping the teachers in any way she could–including stuffing them full of madeleines, breads, cupcakes, and anything else on their “favorites” list. If they liked it, she made it!

Then, in 2020, she set aside her home business as both a baker and a licensed nail tech and took a job as the second grade specialist. She fell in love with the world of STEM and loved seeing the students’ faces light up as they did experiments together. She is excited to combine her two passions, food and STEM as she is now acting as both our Food Science teacher and Elementary STEM specialist.

Michelle Briggs | Bonneville Academy in Stansbury Park, Utah
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