Kid Enjoying in STEM School | Bonneville Academy | Stansbury Park, Utah

Why is STEM so Important?

The best charter school in Utah focuses onscience, technology, engineering, and math, or STEM. Science, technology,engineering, and mathematics are the key roles in the sustained growth andstability of the economy and are critical components to providing the US with agood footing in the future. STEM education fashions critical thinkers empowerthe next generation of innovators and grow science understanding. The National …

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STEM is Important in Classroom | Bonneville Academy | Stansbury Park, Utah

Why STEM is Important In The Classroom

Are you enrolling your kids this year? Since covid cases went down, most schools opened their doors to children learning face-to-face classes. STEM education goes beyond what is taught in school.  It gives children skills that shape how they think and act. STEM education brings together science, technology, engineering, and math, helping solve the problems the world may be facing tomorrow.  So, knowing …

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