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The Modern Rules of Elementary School

Elementary schools are existing across the USA as the basic educational structure to prepare children in fundamentals aspects and skills. It can be termed as the early stage of structured education that prepares the kids for secondary school. The rules of elementary school depend on the educational aims of the individual’s schools and local communities. Students will be organized in their routine tasks and will know the expectations from them when they know the rules. Having well-established rules lets the kids start schooling on the right note and keep the education system organized for the whole year.

The Importance of Elementary Schools:

The age range of students attending elementary schools in the USA depends on the state norms and school district. The elementary school curriculum trains the students in the educational basics like reading, writing, mathematics, health, history, science, crafts, art, and physical education. A key factor of elementary schools is socialization with fellow students and developing an identification of the child with the country.

Below are the traditional rules that are followed for elementary schools:

Being on time at the start of the day and also after multiple breaks (lunch, recess, etc).

Always be polite, kind to your fellow students and teachers.

Be prepared with all supplies and designated home works.

Have control over hands and feet.

Respect your teacher, classmates, and other professionals.

Follow the directions of teachers at all stages.

Do your best in all the activities.

Raise the hand before you want to speak in class or you want to leave the classroom for any reason.

Be aware to follow all the rules in every part of the building.

What are the modern rules of Elementary school?

to stop the spread of a pandemic and has to be followed by everyone. Hence, every person in the school has to be careful and take care to wear face masks whenever they are in school. But kids might be exposed to higher anxiety levels due to the compulsion of wearing them at all times. Many schools have introduced many fun elements to decrease stress levels while also encouraging students to keep wearing masks.

One more important part of the modern school norm is to stay top of the hygiene by always keeping a sanitizer bottle handy. This will aid in keeping the kids safe through the day while also offering a secure setting for other students and professionals in the school.

Do Not Share:

Traditional school rule tells to share and be kind to your fellow students. But with the modern Covid-19 norm, sharing supplies would lead to the passing of harmful viruses. Ensure to get your supplies without fail by double-checking them every morning. These supply boxes should be labeled properly and ensured not to be shared by anyone. Once the class for the day is over, students have to be sure to sanitize them and take them to their home to complete the homework. This key rule will ensure to eliminate any physical contact between students while also negate any unwanted movement in the classroom setting.

Don’t Touch:

Traditional school rules involved physical handshakes, fist bumps, etc as a way of greeting one another. But that does not imply that you still cannot greet each other. There will be many enjoyable greetings created by teachers that will aid in keeping the students motivated.

Table Manners:

As it is evident, having lunch together at the table can pose higher risks than other school times of the day. There will be a single direction eating norm where students can sit beside each other and complete their eating. This will ensure that they will not come in contact with each other. There will be no face-to-face contact with fellow students for all the period when they are sitting at the table and avoids the major risk of virus transmission. Even if students may not want to enjoy the process, they will have to follow them for the benefit of themselves and everyone.

Corridor Rules:

Corridors are the social networking areas of almost every school. It is the meeting place for all the students to catch up between their classes, enjoy, exchange talks and many more enjoyable things. But this is the time where group meetings of students have to be avoided. Many schools have employed arrow marking on the school corridors to make students know about the direction of movements. Corridors will be separated into two different lanes to indicate students about their direction of travel. This will avoid them from meeting one another face to face when they travel. It will greatly help in reducing the spreading of the pandemic from diverse classrooms and manage the routine.

Bottom Line:

Everyone needs to follow the modern rules like usage of smartboards and digital practices along with new Covid-19 norms. This year has been a challenge to every aspect of society and by being strong, kind, and respectful of school rules students, teachers and schools can contribute to the well-being of themselves and their fellow beings. Charter schools like Bonneville Academy have been following all the traditional rules along with precautions to start elementary school. As a STEM school, Bonneville Academy’s curriculum focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math; allowing students to not only learn about these areas of focus but also have real-world experiences.

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