What are The Types of School Bell Schedules

What are The Types of School Bell Schedules?

School bell schedules are essential. It can significantly affect how students learn, how teachers teach, and how the school runs. However, there is more than one type of school bell schedule that every parent must know.  Yes, but many types, not just once, twice, or thrice. Today, Bonneville Academy Charter School will help you understand these types and how they …

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What is The Importance of Science in School

What is The Importance of Science in School?

It’s sometimes unclear how Science affects our daily lives, but the truth is that it does. Science affects many of the decisions we make every day. Science is a big part of our daily lives.  We use it to take care of our health and well-being, decide whether to buy paper or plastic at the store and even answer a …

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A Letter From Your Teacher | Bonneville Academy in Stansbury Park, Utah

A Letter From Your Teacher

The halls are quiet now, but excitement is in the air. Teachers, staff, and countless others are preparing a new year. As I walk the halls I hear the voices of those who went before you. I see the antics, friendships, and growth. I am excited to meet you, to watch you learn, grow, and reach your greatest potential. I …

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Cooperative Learning Activities To Do in Middle School Science Class

Do you think your kid’s having a problem at school? If you’re a school staff (or even a parent), you might wonder what cooperative learning activities can help your child. At Bonneville Academy, we are here to assist you with your kids’ educational environment and learning activities for better performance. Discover more about cooperative learning in this post!  What is Cooperative …

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Children learning New Technology in Charter School | Bonneville Academy | Stansbury Park, Utah

Exclusive Technology at Bonneville Academy

At Bonneville Academy, we put the Tech into STEM. In addition to the essential technology presence at any STEM School, as you look deeper into our tech, you will see why we are a Gold Level STEM school on our way to Platinum. InfiniD Space Simulator– Starting with our Kindergarteners, our students take control of a spaceship while using our InfiniD …

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Tech based Classs in School | Charter School | Stansbury Park, Utah

Is Tech-Based Middle School Better or Worse?

Teaching in middle schools has been witnessing a huge wave of transformation in recent years with the advent of technology. In recent years, teachers, parents, and students are analyzing the benefits of employing technology in education against some potential risks. Is Tech-Based Middle School Better or Worse? With an increase in usage of technology across middle schools, every parent needs …

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