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The clothes you wear plays an essential role in your daily life activities. It makes you feel more comfortable, pretty, and happy. The clothes you choose make you feel confident about yourself. Confidence is the most attractive clothing one could ever wear. The choice of clothes, the style, the color, and everything about your fashion is a way of expressing your self. Not all the time, freedom of expression with clothing applies, especially with schools. Dress code in schools is an extensive rule that requires everyone’s to comply. 

Dress code is a set of rules about proper clothing that doesn’t only apply to schools. Dress codes can also be for parties, meetings, or any other special event. Appropriate attire is necessary because it’s a way of showing respect to other people and to the one who requires the dress code.

What is the dress code?

 Dress code is a set of rules which highly regards to clothing. It is a standard set to guide what is appropriate to wear under certain circumstances. Dress codes include social perception, norms, and purposes. The implementation of dress codes creates orderliness and safety. Dress code identifies you that you belong to the group,  gives you a sense of belongingness.

Benefits of Dress code at school

1.  Dress code will not cost you too much and will help you lessen the morning troubles of having to choose the right clothes.

Schools having dress codes lessen your budget for clothing and help you save money for other purposes. Dress code acts as guidelines in choosing and buying the clothes to wear. Dress codes save time and money when shopping because there are only simple and lesser choices available, and it will not cost you too much because there are still restrictions on what you can wear.

 Dress code makes getting ready for school a lot easier and faster. A simple selection of clothes base on the dress code makes the morning less stressful. Even though it’s not a requirement to wear the same clothes, restriction, and limitation to clothes you wear still apply. Having a dress code narrows your choice when choosing your clothes every morning, the fewer decisions for students to make when they are getting ready for the day.

2.  Recognizes students and helps avoid problems. 

Implementing a dress code serves a safe and welcoming educational environment for students. Dress code makes the students get dressed in almost the same manner, making it easier to recognize them and identify who is the real students, and who are not. Dress code makes it more accessible to distinguish who is out of place and who might be trying to break the rules. The goal of this effort is to reduce other forms of violence that can occur due to socioeconomic differences. Ensuring that every student looks relatively the same, reduces the chances of bullying while class is in session. Also, by having dress codes it is easier for the school to determine who is their students. Students are the teacher’s responsibility while they are in school. Having the students identified the teacher, can manage their students to avoid any misdeeds or any unfavorable event to happen. Dress codes make the school safe from intruders. It can also be a tool that could help in case there is an emergency that needed evacuation or needed to contain the students the individual that is not following the rule will stand out immediately.

3. Having dress codes promotes a good school mood that makes the student focus more and prompts the student to go to school.

The school dress code encourages the students to go to school and increase their attendance. When students wear clothes in almost the same manner, the more they feel welcome, and more they’ll likely go to school.  By going to school, they can gain lots of friends.

Dress code makes the students focus more on their lessons rather than their outfit. It lessens the judgments of the economic state of each individual. Dress codes affect the students in the sense that they keep a greater focus on learning, rather than showing off one’s status through clothing.

4. Fair and square treatment and builds more friendships. 

The socioeconomic status of a person can be seen in the way they dress. However, having a dress code lessens this representation.  If students wear clothes in almost the same manner, it would be too hard to distinguish their social status, everyone will just blend. Dress codes are set to classify students with their class levels and not with their economic status. It will also lessen unfair and discriminatory treatments. For example, if a student wears more elegant clothes or something fancy, the more likely that student will have more influence or might as well have special treatment. Dress code prevents such circumstances from happening. Unrevealing their social-economic status with their clothing makes them gain more friends. They don’t have to question themselves if they could fit into any peer group without being discriminated. Dress code simply lessens discrimination with the socioeconomic status that will make them have friends in school. That way they would enjoy going to school every day.

 5. It gives you a chance to be yourself and express yourself. 

Dress codes are rules implemented by the school for the students to follow. However, Dress code could also help the student be confident among themselves. Planning your outfit for the next day brings out the fashion expert in you. The combination, the color, the accessory the clothes you wear from top to bottom including the shoes is your choice, it’s your way of expressing yourself. With you getting to choose the right clothes makes you feel good about yourself and more confident. Beneath those comfortable clothes you wear, confidence is still the best clothing you could wear.

Bottom line

Dress codes are made to set as guidelines on the proper clothes you should wear in school. For some, it may feel that their freedom of expression is being restricted by these, understand that it’s not the purpose of the dress code. Dress codes are implemented to teach you value discipline, respect, and obedience. Discipline, even though you don’t want to follow these dress code you are urged to do it, so you could go to school, and as every day pass, the more you’ll get habitual to the way you dress up, the more disciplined you are in buying the clothes if this suite the dress up policy of the school. Discipline teaches you to follow rules and following rules doesn’t mean depriving your rights.

Rules help guide actions toward desired results. rules and regulations are designed to protect the lives of all individuals.  Respect, if you are obedient enough to follow rules it a sign of respect, to the school, to other people and yourself. Respect in a way that when you follow the dress code you choose to respect that school’s policy, you choose to go to that school, you should follow and respect their decisions. Dress codes are school’s decision, but respect and obedience is your call. Following the dress code is also a respect to others, because if everyone follows, who are you to disobey? Respect. Respect to yourself, if you follow these rules you are also respecting yourself, saving yourself from discrimination, or any harmful situation that might happen just because you don’t follow the rules. Dress code goes with obedience, discipline, and respect. You might not realize it now but, even though you think the dress code is petty rule it’s a way to prepare yourself to the world after schooling. A school is not a playground, beach, party house, park or mall, a school is a place to learn, a school is the place the build you and develops you to be more competent and to be a good product of a school, following its rule like dress code policy wouldn’t hurt.

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