A Letter From Your Teacher | Bonneville Academy in Stansbury Park, Utah

A Letter From Your Teacher

The halls are quiet now, but excitement is in the air. Teachers, staff, and countless others are preparing a new year. As I walk the halls I hear the voices of those who went before you. I see the antics, friendships, and growth. I am excited to meet you, to watch you learn, grow, and reach your greatest potential. I am a Bonneville Teacher.

As you enter the building this year you bring with you your excitement, your curiosity, your concerns, your strengths, and your weaknesses. We welcome every single part of you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you. I am one of your biggest fans and greatest supporters, and I will help you on your way to greatness!

Welcome to the greatest school family in the world. Here you will explore, inquire, experiment, and most importantly here you will be loved and valued. Every single Mariner is important and has something amazing to contribute to our family. Don’t be afraid to join in and share in all the new experiences. Returning Mariners will rally around you and help you learn the ropes.

This is your year to shine! You will learn, grow, be challenged, and succeed. Every single day brings your Bonneville Best and watches the magic unfold, I’m here waiting for you.

With love and excitement,

Your Bonneville Teacher

Bonneville Academy is a K-8 STEM school in Stansbury Park, Utah. Bonneville Academy will foster critical thinking and problem solving skills in a challenging, student-centered environment; by encouraging exploration in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Preparing students for success in our ever changing dynamic world.

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