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Benefits of Lego League Class After School Club in Charter Schools

benefits of after school clubs for children are extensive and diverse, right
from psychological, social benefits and physical benefits due to innovative and
fun-filled activities. Many scientific kinds of research have proven that
children who are indulging themselves in after school activities will help them
in their overall development. Participation of the child in regular after
school activities will help them to develop their personality, manage any
emotional stress, improve academic performance and also increase the social
skills that will help them in their daily life. The majority of psychologists
solely suggest after-school clubs and activities over any specific
skill-building classes. After school club at Bonneville school academy has Lego league class that provides numerous
benefits for kids. Lego League
is a perfect suit that is serving the school to be a front-runner in STEM
education and aiding the students to love the process in education.

Benefits of after school clubs:

Create a feel of being in the right place.

clubs offer kids with a golden opportunity to make new friends. They would be
usually sitting with the same set of peers in the regular classroom setting and
interact with them daily. But with a new bunch of peers and with the friendly
adult supervision, kids are bound to get a feel of being included and happy to
get involved in the activities. These programs will have more individual
attention than other ones.

2. Enhancing Academic Performance:

the major researches have shown that after school clubs have a positive impact
on the progress of the child in academic performance, classroom behavior, study
patterns. As children will have the opportunity to learn new things
innovatively, it could aid them in understanding the academic subjects easily
even if the after-school activities are not directly related to the school
curriculum. They would also discover a hidden talent in them which will help
them in developing new confidence reflecting in the academic performance.
Studies have also shown that children who indulge themselves in after-school
activities have displayed greater interest in classrooms, more inclined towards
developing a good relationship with peers and less likely to involve in any
violent behavior. They will also provide the children to progress on their
hobbies or special interests which may not be possible with just a regular
school environment.

Fun-filled learning:

would be no regular kind of tests and children will learn to work together with
their peers. There would be a more creative and fun-filled way of understanding
the concepts and this would make them learn things more creatively. There would
be classes for arts like theatre, music, drawing or singing, etc which could
motivate kids to develop new interests.

Enhancing Social and life skills:

children are establishing new relationships or exploring more on the existing
friendships these after school clubs provide the best opportunity and perfect
situation to develop social and life skills. Many team-building activities
teach children about working together as a group to accomplish a team goal.
These factors will be of great help to them in future careers.

will surely get the chance to mingle with new faces in the creative environment
which will help them to develop confidence and toughen their communication
skills. As they get used to speaking with new individuals, they will create an
innovative personal character and also strong leadership qualities. Since the
environment is not similar to the usual classroom setting, children will learn
things in a more practical way that helps them to cope up with new challenges.
It will promote a more collaborative approach that will aid the child to feel
more assured and secured in starting a conversation or settle in any new place.

a secure environment:

school clubs offer an encouraging environment that helps children to grow if
their parents are not in the vicinity and are at the workplace. There are
chances that children may be sitting in Infront of the television or play any
video games if they are alone at home and supervised. These scenarios could be
avoided by after school clubs and help in making the time productive. It will
aid the children to void the stress of regular school life and promote their
emotional well-being. Many physical activities help to develop a different mood
from the monotonous activities, academic activities also support the children
to prepare for the tests in a better way by giving extra care and support.


kids lack self-confidence or are slow to respond to regular activities. After
school clubs could be a boom to them as they learn to face new challenges and innovatively
try things. This could help them to transform their personality.

Healthy Hobbies:

the modern world, digitalization has widely spread across the globe and even
children are not away from it. Most of them are stricken to mobile phones
during free time. After school clubs not only just encourage the kids to spend
more time building their character but they also encourage them to know their
hidden passion and pursue them. These skills and behaviors that a kid develops
during their early school days, help them to outline a type of future that they
will lead.


is honored to provide the Lego League class and after school
club. This class and club, through involvement with FIRST Lego League, gives an
enduring chance for kids to develop critical skills, build a robust idea of
teamwork and a connection between determination and accomplishments. Lego
League will provide a variation from the typical classroom setting, we do way
more than just “play” with Legos. There is an application of the advanced mind
storm Lego System- designing, strategizing and testing autonomous robots to
achieve challenging impediments. Your best bet for an after-school club in a charter school would be at Bonneville Academy
that gives a secure, futuristic and innovative place of learning for your kid.

Bonneville Academy is a K-8 STEM school in Stansbury Park, Utah. Bonneville Academy will foster critical thinking and problem solving skills in a challenging, student-centered environment; by encouraging exploration in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Preparing students for success in our ever changing dynamic world.

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