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Bullying – How To Stop It in Schools? Bonneville Academy Charter School

If there’s one attitude that you wouldn’t want to tolerate, that would be bullying. You name it. Whether you are an adult or a child, bullying is not good. Nor is it healthy.

Bullying is such an aggressive behavior that most people insult and humiliate others. It also involves the imbalances of strength and power. What’s worse, if repeated, things can be a bit messy. 

A person may either be verbal, relational, or physical with the other. In simple terms, boys are mostly the ones who bully others through physical means. Girls, on the side, are bullied through social exclusion. You can say that bullying has been part of the routine in every school. 

But what’s more surprising is that it is also prevalent in any working environment. For years, many people suffered from bullying. And it seems that the advancement of technology paved the way to create more tension for those who bully. 

As proof, social media has become an instant tool to bully more people. It became an expansion to reach those who are incapable of fighting these bullies back. In that form, Cyberbullying has been born. 

Acts of Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying happens through mobile phones and media platforms. You name it on Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, and Facebook. People would rant about someone and talk about that person over the comments. 

A channel like this enables adults and kids to push messages with hurtful words. This situation allows anyone to message twenty-four hours a day. What’s more, you can even send malicious inbox messages without you knowing who sent them. 

Stopping bullying and preventing it needs a firm commitment. It needs to create a safe place where most children or kids can work academically and socially without hesitation. For instance, most organizations that parents and students must take the proper steps to address the concern of bullying. 

But as an individual, how can you know if someone needs help from this traumatic scenario? Let’s try to look below for some details. 

Setting Boundaries 

If there’s one thing that you must do, set your boundaries and educate your children about cyberbullying. Teaching them not to act or respond to threatening messages and emails can save them a lot. Any friend of your child on Social Media must be on your vision. Knowing how to live safely in the digital world is significant nowadays. 

You can always set some filters on the computer and their mobiles to protect them from harm. Make the family computer only for your kid. Besides, ensure to have it in a public place where it is most visible, and you can monitor what they are doing. If you thought about giving your child some personal phone, you must not do it. 

Thinking carefully before providing such a gadget will help you manage and control your child. Or, if at least you certainly want to give them, have everything monitored. As your kid’s parent, you should see if anything goes well with their physical and mental mind. 

So, remember to be open with your kids and tell them that you’ll need to read some messages and monitor their behavior constantly. On a side note, you can tell your child that phones must be around any public area at home. 

This factor will serve as one of the rules for them to obey so that they won’t bully or affect anyone while on their phones. Gadgets have an essential factor in saying unnecessary things towards others. 

If you’ve seen a message that your child sent in the wrong manner, report everything. It may be to another household member of the family or your partner. When things go wrong, and your child receives some threatening texts towards their classmate, report it immediately to the police for documentation. 

Being Observant

Most of the time, the only way to end bullying is to become aware of it. Every teacher and administrator must know what is happening around the school. Bullying happens in playgrounds, hallways, school buses, and bathrooms. 

Leaders of the school must learn to take things seriously and must be able to emphasize that telling is not about tattling. So, if you observe bullying in a room, you must immediately act out to stop the condition. You can call someone higher, or if you are a teacher, call out their names and look for signs that they are willing to listen to the rule. 

Bullies think that no one can ever control them and are on top of everything. Fighting through this ego will let them acknowledge that there is more to what they can ever think. The best way to end it and have a joint meeting with the bullied student. 

Make a Safe Space at Home

Remember that everything starts at home. Your child’s character will begin at home. So if they get exposed to anything that is an aggressive and strict environment, this may reflect them towards others. 

Kids would always react to how their parents work. So, every parent must learn to become a role model and set a positive example for every child in the relationship. Anything in between may also affect their self-esteem, making them more vulnerable in a different way. 

Take note that jealousy is the root cause of evil. Children might find themselves insecure taking other kids’ happiness away. 


People, students, and children who experience bullying will always feel overwhelmed. Some would have severe issues like depression and anxiety. If you think your kid or student is experiencing this, it would be best to consult and seek professional help. 

Any institution that can assist your child with support and growth will help them in the best way. Furthermore, a psychologist is one of those trusted individuals you can let your child have. Doctors under this degree can make your kid develop their confidence and resilience. 

Bullying may be an awful act to encounter, especially if it involves your kid. However, there are ways to prevent it as early as possible. Ensuring that your child is safe from any gadget or hostile environment can help them avoid becoming one. 

Whenever you need help, never think twice to ask for assistance and support. 

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