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E-learning Activities For Every Kid’s Development

The rapid growth of technology and digital processes does not only come with gadgets and devices. Systems have fully evolved, and e-learning has been part of this new and modernized method. 

Essentially, E-learning changed how the educational system functions. It alters the learning process in every classroom into a technical yet detailed concept. Through this process, parents began to understand how the new method of education runs during school closures. 

Because of the Coronavirus outbreak, kids have handled challenging learning inside the corners of their homes. While the world continuously heals, it’s good to know what e-learning activities you and your child could study while at home. 

Though some are transitioning back for a face-to-face class, exploring more of these activities might help you out. So, what are these? Let’s look at this post.

E-Learning: What is it about?

Before we jump in more profound, let us first know what e-learning is about. Online learning or E-learning is a studying that happens through online channels. You can use this for many learning types, including collaboration, teaching, and 1-on-1 communication. 

Online learning is not only limited to fun and games. It enables your children to learn at their own pace while discovering things independently. So instead of listening and sitting in a class with other students, e-Learning allows your kid to take more of their time in challenging concepts. 

They can go over topics if they don’t understand them. The truth is, a study revealed that students who were able to move at their speed in an online environment had learned more than those taught in school. Besides, online education gives these kids more flexibility in learning the style they are capable of. 

In most cases, parents favor their kids spending less time front of computers or TV screens. Though, it is hard for them to encourage their children to go outside and play. Online learning allows your kids to play and study at your home safely while learning something. 

Online Resource & Channels for E-learning

There are a lot of channels that you can consider, but here are some that you can try. Take note that there are hundreds of media that you can look for. It’s up to you whether

YouTube Kids 

YouTube is a good source of content for everyone. But what’s good is that they have created an outlet for kids. YouTube kid is a channel where you can find content only for kids. In this manner, you can ensure that all videos your children watch are helpful and educational for their development. 

MentalUP Educational Games

MentalUP is one of the ideal e-learning resources and most reliable. But it focuses more on scientific and educational brain teasers with learning apps. This e-learning source has been a participant of the University College London Institute of Education. 

The app was to help and support the cognitive development of kids aged between 4 to 13 years old. If this can be effective for others, this app can also be effective for your kid’s development. 

Amazon Kindle

As they say, start them young! Reading is one of the bases for learning. With Amazon Kindle, your kids will not only love those bedtime stories! Helping your child enjoy reading with this resource will ensure that they’ll be a good and intelligent kid. 

So to make e-learning more efficient, you can download many kits for your children! Make them read and keep it a habit to check on their e-reader. 

The Spelling Stage

Language is one of the most important factors when you are learning. It is where your communication skills build and link to other functions of how you interact with others—as kids, communicating may be tricky. So an app that would help them learn the basics is a must. 

The proper way of fundamental learning can start with the Spelling Stage. As you know, spelling is a part of language learning. And it can be challenging for some to manage and study these things. With this app, children will learn and have fun working on their writing practices.

Class Dojo

If possible, why not let them enter into a new classroom? Class Dojo is one of the ideal virtual classroom apps for kids! Teachers, parents, and students can communicate with this application. 

Have fun while learning and seeing all new people around. 

Plus, as a parent, you can stay updated with your children’s performance. Try Class Dojo and have fun learning together with your kid. 

Benefits of E-Learning

The advantages of E-learning do not only focus on the goal set with the students. Parents and teachers have their benefits from this e-learning. 

It’s all about saving your time and making the most out of each second. With e-learning for kids, you allow yourself to manage your time and monitor what your child does. It can also fit your educational goals into the children who may not have spare time because of some extra-curricular activities. 

E-learning has also been an excellent alternative for families to give their children the best quality education. At the same time, each parent works without hiring additional help. You’ll only need an internet connection, and then you can explore topics videos, and download lessons instantly! The most significant benefit lies in how you can save more while letting your kids learn more. 

It doesn’t pay too much to try all these resources for your kids. Help them become independent and control what they can discover on the internet today.

Support From Schools

E-learning may only be a tool to help your kids learn while they are away from school. Still, choosing professional teachers that can help your kids explore more is a thing to keep in mind. Contact your trusted Academy today and get some help to know what could be the best resources for e-learning. 

Nonetheless, all parents want what’s best for their children. Share this post to help other kids and parents know more about e-learning!  

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