Children learning New Technology in Charter School | Bonneville Academy | Stansbury Park, Utah

Exclusive Technology at Bonneville Academy

At Bonneville Academy, we put the Tech into STEM. In addition to the essential technology presence at any STEM School, as you look deeper into our tech, you will see why we are a Gold Level STEM school on our way to Platinum.

InfiniD Space Simulator

Starting with our Kindergarteners, our students take control of a spaceship while using our InfiniD space simulator. With lights, view screens, and interactive scenarios, they run their control station as they are launched as a class into imagination rich, action-packed missions, all while enhancing their curriculum-based learning.

Exclusive Technology at Bonneville Academy


Our Sphero robots incorporate block coding, lights, and critical thinking to create an experience no other robot offers. When the students watch the robots race around on the ground with lights flashing and realize they’re who programmed them to take the actions they are watching, the sense of excitement and pride shows in their smiles.


Taking the lead in Tooele County, we are embracing one of the most popular and loved games of all time, Minecraft. As they code their “Agent” in the Education Edition of the game, students hone their “Block” coding skills and begin to learn and enhance their JavaScript coding. JavaScript is one of the most robust and forward capable coding languages on the Globe, setting up our students for competitive opportunities in our fast-growing tech industry. We are teaching our students that gaming has a time and place, and now they know Minecraft class is the right time and place.


We are the first Middle School in Tooele County, Utah, and among very few in the Nation to run an ESports team. Our team and class take the student’s gaming ability to the competitive arena. With the guidance of our Coach, Brad Evans, students learn critical team-building skills as they compete with High School teams as there are no other local Middle School teams available. ESports is a fast-paced sports industry allowing for top performers to earn scholarships and experience that will benefit them well into their future.

Not skipping a beat-

We understand health is so important, and while our world deals with this pandemic, we will not let that slow us down when it comes to giving our students the best. All of our staff are teaching in class and online at the same time. If we have to close down for any reason, we are ready to continue teaching remotely. Rather than waiting until that time might come, we are already teaching with cutting edge technology.  Our music teacher already delivers hi-definition sound via her recordings. Our grade-schoolers learn typing from home while their teacher can monitor their precise progress.  Our health and fitness teacher records amazing videos showing form and technique for fitness. No matter the class, we are already using technology in a way that our students will simply continue school no matter the venue they choose or need.

Bonneville Academy is a K-8 STEM school in Stansbury Park, Utah. Bonneville Academy will foster critical thinking and problem solving skills in a challenging, student-centered environment; by encouraging exploration in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Preparing students for success in our ever changing dynamic world.

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