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Guiding Your Child Through Uncharted Waters

Never has the Bonneville Mariner compass been more relevant than it is today. As we all prepare for the upcoming school year we wanted to share some tips that can help you as a parent guide your child and prepare them to navigate through what is going to be an extraordinary school year. As parents, we know we all want to set up our children to be as successful as possible, regardless of the circumstances. Here are some ways that you can begin now to get your students ready for the upcoming weeks.

Display Optimism and Confidence

Children look to their parents as the barometer of their emotions. Think of a toddler who falls down, only to quickly look up at a parent before deciding whether to cry. When approaching the uncertainty of what is to come this year they will look to you as a source of support and guidance. When you are confident and optimistic about the opportunities that will present themselves this school year, it gives your child permission to be excited and optimistic themselves. At times, it can be hard when you yourself are concerned, scared, or frustrated. This is when we as parents need to put on a brave face. We are confident in their school, their teachers, and we are confident in them. This is going to be an exciting year, and when they hear it from you, they will know they handle the inevitable stumbling blocks.

Problem-Solving vs Complaining

There is no doubt your child will have to face obstacles this year, not unlike any other school year. This is an opportunity for you to teach your child valuable lessons in problem-solving; whether it is frustration with online courses, teacher expectations, confusing instructions, or just general confusion. What better way to prepare our kids for the unexpected, which we know is one of life’s guarantees. Teach them to identify that they have options and help them understand the potential outcomes, both positive and negative. Give your child the opportunity to make choices whenever possible, even if it is not something that you would choose. Let them experience having control over their destiny, and let them experience the success of making a good choice; or the opportunity to try again if their choice didn’t work. This builds resilience and character.

Exercise Self Compassion

Sometimes you have to take a step back and take care of yourself. Give yourself a break both figuratively and literally, so that when you need to be there for your child you can be your best self. There may be a moment this year when you find yourself searching for a little tiny facemask in a pile of dirty underwear and socks, losing your mind and wondering how you got there. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, let things go, and do something for yourself.

Preparations at Bonneville are in full swing. We can’t wait to see you all on August 17th

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