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Help Your Child Get Ready for a Middle School Dance

A middle school dance is an essential milestone in a teenager’s life. For some, they might consider it as their first serious dance among the other dances that they would experience in their lives. As such, getting prepared for this for the first time can be a daunting task, let alone being on the actual day of the dance.

There are middle schools that host school dances over the entire school year or just once every year. A teenager’s first school dance can often make them feel nervous, anxious, and stressed out for different reasons. Be it that they would grow worried about what to wear, who to go with, or how to dance.

As a parent who goes all-out in full support, it is entirely natural to want to get involved and help your child get through this significant event in their life. You can make a difference and let your teen enjoy their first school dance by taking the time to prepare ahead of time. Take a look into some of the things that you can do to help gear your child for their middle school dance:

1.  Find out the theme or motif of the Middle School dance

Commonly, a school dance would either have a theme or observe a holiday, season, or special event. Themes could vary and might revolve around Valentine’s Day, homecoming, spring, etc. Some themes could also be a masquerade, fairy tale, the 80’s, and the list goes on.

In confirming the theme first, this will ultimately give you a hint to keep your child from being neither underdressed nor overdressed. To make sure that your teenager would not feel out of place but to feel like they are where they are supposed to be. You should also consider the kind of music playing to match the school dance’s theme and your child’s outfit.

2.  Determine the dress code

As some schools are very particular with the dance dress code, it is essential to emphasize and find out ahead what it is specifically ahead of time. Usually, a dress code guide is provided to the students to filter what is deemed suitable to wear and what is not. Isn’t it embarrassing for your child to be denied admission and sent home just because what they are wearing is not fitting?

And so, it is undeniably necessary to understand the dress code and take some time to prepare. Make sure that the clothes fit just right, conform to the set dress code, and are comfortable to wear. Check and see that the clothes are neat, clean, and ready to be worn a few days ahead of the big night.

3.  How much?

Like any other event, parents should expect to pay for costs that need to be covered for a school dance to commence. One important thing to note is that some schools charge an admission fee to pay for dance expenses. So, you might want to ask around the school how much it would take to get your child a ticket to the dance.

Depending on the school, tickets may be available weeks prior or right at the entrance on the dance night. Admission would usually cover light snacks and refreshments. Giving your child a few extra bucks might also put you and your child more at ease for any unexpected expenses that might arise.

4.  Figure out where the dance will take place and who else is attending

Being aware of who else will be in the dance might be a significant factor that only a few realize. Your child’s middle school dance may be specific to one grade or open for every student in the entire school. There are instances where schools may invite outside students from a neighboring school to join the dance.

Commonly, middle school dances happen within the school premises, like in the gym or the cafeteria. However, it is essential to know if it’s in another location or venue to keep your mind at peace and ensure your child’s safety. Be sure to ask for further details and whereabouts before the dance if no one has informed you yet.

5.  Dance and be merry

While being a parent can sometimes put you on edge, or you might feel like you’re getting all choked up and nervous for your child’s first middle school dance, never forget to remind your child to revel in it and have some fun. As once a middle school student yourself, you might recall how it was during your middle school dance. And that by now, you might realize how a school event could turn out to be a lifetime memory worthy of being treasured.

For some teens, this might be the first time that they will be dancing with a crowd or large groups of people. And sometimes, dancing in front of their friends can be stressful for them and give them uneasiness at some point. Usher your child to be prepared by playing some music at home and practice some killer dance moves to let your teen discover their groove way before the dance.

A memory worth keeping

Some parents could feel emotional when they realize they are no longer babies, but teenagers ready to face the real world. “How time flies so fast,” you might tell yourself. And yet, as far as raising a child, sooner or later, you are going to have to let them go and let them spread their wings.

Thus, the importance of sending your child to the right school to nurture them and let them create beautiful memories, such as a middle school dance, can never be overstated. The institution of Bonneville Academy has been operating for years and dedicates itself to producing future experts and professionals of this country. While, of course, not settling to host mediocre middle school dances, but ones with a swing that would let any kid have the time of their lives.

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