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How do charter schools work in Utah?

A charter school is funded publicly and run with operations that are headed by educational authorities. Charter schools have unique standards than other regular public schools. The follow specialized teaching methods and do not have stern rules that are followed by regular public schools. Schools like Bonneville Academy named after lake Bonneville provide quality elementary and secondary schooling and encourage kids to explore more in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education.

Charter schools in Utah:

Charter schools in Utah are public schools that are run by either for-profit or non-profit organizations functioning independently from regular public-school systems. They are exempted from the majority of norms that are ordered by state and local education boards concerning the appointment process and curriculum. Charter schools will not demand any special enrolment fees or tuition fees. The admission is carried out by a lottery process if there are more applications than several seats available in the school. Based on the enrolment they receive individual student funds from state and local districts for functional costs. But many states do not get any funds for starting the facilities and must depend on private funding.

Benefits of charter schools:

  • Many studies from charter school education have shown that charter schools give more importance to basic skills and provide real-time knowledge to kids. This is very crucial for them as they get ample opportunities to have all the knowledge to excel in life. The number of students in a particular class is limited which helps to provide precise attention to every student. This offers a good chance for students to have more one-on-one time with their teachers. Every student can clear his doubts and also get a motivation to perform well at all levels. There are many scholarships and monetary facilitations that is given for students that will motivate and help them to pay their higher education fees.
  • Charter schools provide importance to all types of cultures. Teaching students about the diversity of all ethnicities is a very crucial thing that must be inculcated in students. They can accept the differences and have a feeling of unity in the long run.
  • One more important thing at charter schools is their ability to provide specialized education. Many charter schools chose to concentrate on a specific area like performing arts, science, or technology-related areas. Hence kids who are studying in such schools can take special classes that match their interests. This results in students being interested in their academics naturally. Some charter schools also help the students to select a major that will help them to concentrate on the particular course schedule. This will be helpful for them to prepare well for their college education.

Important elements of charter schools in Utah:

Charter schools in Utah are not private but Public schools:

As per the norms of Utah state board of education, a school can be public if it is open to the public, sponsored by the public and also accountable to the public. Charter schools are open for all types of kids, until the admission increases than the actual capacity for any class. Only in such cases, charter schools perform a lottery task from the enrolment applications. But State board of education also tells that unlike regular public schools, Charter schools can run by individuals and organizations outside the normal education system.

Charter schools are sponsored with taxpayer money:

The state board of Education has allowed the charter schools to be sponsored by taxpayer money, unlike regular public schools. Charter schools can also get both state and federal sponsorship. But the school fees norms remain the same as the regular public schools. Parents will not be asked to make any donations and students cannot be charged any tuition fees.

Charter schools must be non-religious:

As per the norms of the State Board of Education, Charter schools like all public schools must be non-religious. All the school operations, programs, enrolment policies, administrations, employment practices, and also the charter school academics must be not be influenced by any religious practices.


Charter schools are independent in many ways and are not restricted to follow the regular curriculum. This nature provides options for charter schools to accept creative educational approaches. But similar to regular public schools, charter schools are held responsible for the performance of every student. The kids must appear to the same state tests as other public schools in Utah. These tests are employed to assess the performance of the charter school. All the teachers must be qualified and the curriculum must be officially permitted by the state department of Education.

Enrolling a student in a charter school:

Charter schools have a specified limit on the capacity of the students hence all the applied kids may not get the opportunity to enroll. After the specified limit is crossed, they follow a lottery process that meets the particular state laws and regulations.


  • The majority of people are choosing charter schools since they have more freedom on having specialized curriculum and freedom than regular public schools. But there is an important aspect associated with this independent nature. Charter schools are given precise goals for every student accomplishment. Schools that do not meet this goal, have the risk of detachment of their charters. Charter schools are accountable to parents, students, and also the local community. If the schools are not performing well and are not efficient, parents can choose to stop sending their kids to school.
  • There would be a certain board of trustees appointed who will be supervising the accountability of charter schools. It is reliant on the fundamental structure of the charter school administration. Trustees will get the orders from an authorizer who is appointed by a particular state to appoint them. 

Bottom line:

Bonneville Academy for elementary and secondary education will focus on problem-solving skills in a challenging, student cantered environment; by encouraging exploration in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and preparing students for better tomorrow.

Bonneville Academy is a K-8 STEM school in Stansbury Park, Utah. Bonneville Academy will foster critical thinking and problem solving skills in a challenging, student-centered environment; by encouraging exploration in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Preparing students for success in our ever changing dynamic world.

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