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Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten at Charter School?

Sending the child to school could be a nervous, tricky task, especially if the child is going to Kindergarten. It involves making some right decisions to check the best start age and date, guaranteeing if they are socially ready, and preparing them to learn well. Parents strive harder to set the best possible facility in the beginning to ensure that they start well in the kindergarten stage.

What are charter schools?

Charter schools in the United States refer to primary or secondary education institutions that are free of cost to students who appear and clear state-controlled exams. These charter schools will have fewer rules and statutes when compared to traditional public schools. But charter schools get limited funding than public schools usually a fixed amount for every student. Charter schools are both profit and non-profit types, but only non-profit types will get donations from private sources. There are many benefits to going to charter schools. They are as below:

Diverse student population: Charter schools encourage diversity which is in distinction to traditional public schools, that consist of students from nearby neighborhoods. Charter schools are open to all students, leading to a more varied student body.

Varied choice: Charter schools will provide more choice for parents letting them select the school that meets their child’s precise requirements.

Ability to specialize: Many charter schools prefer to provide specialization in a specific area like technology, performing arts, etc. Hence, students who enroll in this school can choose classes that match their interests resulting in the development of topics that are related to education. Some charter schools let the students select a major so that they can streamline their course actions and get ready for college and professional life.

Reduced class size: Charter schools usually have a reduced class size than traditional public schools. This lets children get individual attention from their teachers. With a chance to meet the precise needs of every child, teachers can make sure that students get a proper education.

Is Kindergarten charter school best for the child?

Charter schools provide advanced and high-quality education courses that blend unique models and assets. Children will be made ready to meet specific challenges for the future. Charter schools provide Kindergarten programs that focus on making students’ classrooms ready for the next stages.

How to know if the child is ready for Kindergarten?

The right time to start:

Deciding the best age to send your child to school can be a complicated task. The majority of kids are ready to start their Kindergarten at the age of 5. They will be ready to handle all the planned tasks, carry themselves in a classroom setting, and are ready to make new friends in the school. But you have to make certain crucial decisions to ensure of the child is appropriate to be sent to school respective top their age. While sending the child late to school can provide them some time for maturity, and ready to express themselves. But it may not beneficial for other children who may feel it awkward. You must not decide the starting of school for a child on only academic skills. Some of the skills that are useful for children to be ready for kindergarten are:

  • Remembering and adhering to the instructions from teachers.
  • Completing some simple tasks
  • Mingling with other kids.
  • Taking Care of themselves and their belongings

Social and emotional capability:

Social and emotional skills are the most crucial factors in deciding if a child is ready to start school. They must learn some skills at home to be allowed in succeeding in the classroom setting. They may not follow all these skills or behaviors properly, but they have to start showcasing some progress in them. They must be comfortable staying away from the family, make good transitions between tasks, and interest in classroom tasks.

Know some basics:

Children must kno0w to use public toilets and tell them about distinct usage for boys and girls. They should be taught about pulling up their dress after using toilets and close/opening doors. These things are very crucial after the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. They have to be taught to clean their hands after toilet usage and also at regular intervals. Having regular sleeping patterns is important to ensure that they get ready for school every morning. Wearing their school uniform and packing/unpacking the school bag and knowing about road safety.

Play and learn together with the child:

Speak to the child about the exciting activities that they will be performing in schools and about new friends they will meet. Teach them some nursery rhymes so that they can be confident and lively in some random activities at school. Try to build some activities that enhance their creativity levels. Playing helps children to develop their personality while also improving their mental strength. At this young age, it is also important to play and learn together as it will build a sense of imagination and enhance their thinking abilities.

How will you know the readiness?

With all these bits of knowledge, how do you know that the kid is ready to go to school? Trust them and allow them to try various things themselves, letting them fail. This decision must be fine-tuned and they must be made aware of certain things that are wrong and right. Charter schools will encourage the achievements of the child at every stage. They start stimulating their enhanced curriculum and the three-vis complete support from the collaborative community for their learning. Hence students will have more chances of being exposed to the modern world and achieve success in the longer run.


Bonneville Academy is a public charter school located in Stansbury Park, Utah, that educates up to 702 students from kindergarten to 8th grade. As a STEM school, Bonneville Academy’s curriculum focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math; allowing students to not only learn about these areas of focus but also have real-world experiences.

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