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School Culture and Climate

Students’ feelings about their experience and stay in school will
have a huge effect on their day to day lives since they spend a large amount of
time in school. They not only need to feel secure at school, but also need to feel
comfortable, and a sense knowing that school is their second home. This
positive school culture and climate are directly proportional to positive
student growth, learning, academic development, impactful risk prevention,
health promotion and negation of dropout rates.

School climate: This
indicates the school’s impact on students like teaching practices, and the correlation
among school administrators, teachers, parents, and students.

School culture: This
indicates to the process that teachers and other staff people communicate
together with the series of ideas and beliefs they share.

A positive school climate and school culture motivate student’s
to be interested in learning. If you are in search of a public charter school
for your kid in Stansbury Park, Utah region then Bonneville Academy is the
perfect option with all the positive boxes ticked.

Why School culture and climate is important?

Positive school culture and
are very
much necessity like clean air and water. It is the basis for supportive and
sustained learning and getting ready for the biggest tests of life. If these
are not up to the mark, then knowingly or unknowingly kids will not get
effective leanings and may be negative and harmful. When a school environment
is a soothing and encouraging place then students, teachers and even parents
are happy to be there, perform their best, and enjoy the process.

Some of the important aspects of developing good school culture and climate are:

An effective parent involvement:

Initiating transparent communication with the parents of the
school students will avoid any misunderstandings and negate feelings of doubt. Ask
feedback from parents of the students about child development, classroom
activities and school communications. Also, give importance to their
aspirations and concerns about their children’s education. Besides the usual
scheduled parent-teacher meetings, organize seminars or workshops where
teachers and parents can involve together to discuss study skills, child’s
behavior, and personal growth. Initiating informative sessions for the parents will help them
to motivate their children in their schooling, building a more positive
atmosphere in the school. Honesty, transparency, contributes to the creation of
a powerful and strong culture.

Supporting and complementing students’ achievements and good behavior:

It is always a crucial aspect of complimenting kids which is
their best motivation and giving a feeling that they are cared for individually.
This plays a very important role in the successful aspect of the school
culture. Motivate the students and make sure to give specific compliments that showcase
and support what each student has done well.

Adding meaningful rules building value:

It’s a good thing to create rules in schools but make sure that it is clear by meaning to all the students so that it is neatly regulated. But this doesn’t mean that there should be regulatory rules for each walk of the school. School rules should be such that it will concentrate primarily on creating positive values in the students. This helps kids to learn not just what they must follow, but why they must follow it.

Developing favorable discipline: It is correct that when rules are broken then disciplinary
action must be followed. But it is also of utmost importance that broadening
the range of discipline methods can assist to build a positive school culture
and climate. Instead of strictly forcing, give a more proactive approach to
discipline. If a student is given detention after any bad behavior he will know
that whatever he has done is wrong. But involving the student in a task that shows
and teaches him what he should’ve done instead. It is a better option to make
the students learn themselves by which learning noticeably increases, and discipline
is enhanced.

Recognize the staff:

School staff members work hard to make sure to provide great
value for the best results and experiences for their students. A school needs
to regularly recognize the value of a staff member and understand that their
success is a contributor to the well-being and success of the school. Recognition
of people’s work-contributions, efforts and victories will make them feel
appreciated and motivate to work more enthusiastically.


Strong school culture and climate are built by better-motivated
teachers. They are the building blocks and have a big share in terms of student
growth, overall performance and results. Above all, it is a must to take time
listening to feedback from both teachers and students to know the experience
that they are having in the school.

Initiating the process of giving the best school culture and
climate involves researching the current situation of the school. This
analyzation process should become a regular part of the schedule. The improvement process should begin
with thorough research that tells how good the current educational process operates
for students, parents, teachers and other staff members.

Make use of all the factors mentioned above in inducing
the positive aspects and watch on all the specific factors that influence
school culture and climate. Also, be aware of any negative factors that are
hidden inside the process and take immediate and conclusive action to negate
them. You
could have noticed that certain schools have a great positive school culture
and climate that you can see and feel it as soon as you enter the premises.
Even the teachers, students and parents of that school echo the same words. How
do you think you get such a rich and positive school culture and climate? The
first step is knowing what factors contribute to a school’s culture and climate.
The Bonneville Academy, a
public charter school situated in Stansbury Park, Utah believes that exploration
and experimentation will teach students about the many facets of life, how it
relates to the world we live in meanwhile preparing them for the waves of

Bonneville Academy is a K-8 STEM school in Stansbury Park, Utah. Bonneville Academy will foster critical thinking and problem solving skills in a challenging, student-centered environment; by encouraging exploration in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Preparing students for success in our ever changing dynamic world.

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