charter schoolsBonneville AcademyCharter School Students How Are Students Chosen For Charter Schools Admissions

How Are Students Chosen For Charter Schools

Just like any good parent out there, you want your child to have the best education possible. And that can be a lot of pressure for any parent. After all, the decisions you make now will affect your child’s future. Contrary to popular belief, education is not one size fits all; every child has a…

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Charter schools are, not by a long shot, very much different when compared to traditional public schools. By definition, it is also a public school that the government funds. In other words, taxpayer money runs these schools; they don’t charge tuition and are open to any student who wishes to enroll, like how other public…

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Bonneville AcademyFood Benefit NightHealthy Eating Top Benefit of Food Benefit Night and Its Importance in Charter School

Top Benefit of Food Benefit Night and Its Importance in Charter School

A classic hit from Whitney Houston has lyrics that say that the children are our future. Indeed, children are treasures that we must conserve, support, and cultivate in their younger years.  Our school is all about prospering the young minds of the students and helping them grow to their full potential to be good members…

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What Are The Admission Criteria For Charter Schools? Does It Use selective Admissions Criteria?

Selecting the best school environment for your child is a tricky and thoroughly analyzed method that should match the needs of your child. Charter schools are gaining high popularity it offers an advantage for parents to get a school with goals that directly match the requirements of the child’s educational needs. The benefits of charter schools are…

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Bonneville AcademyTechnology and Education Is Tech-Based Middle School Better or Worse

Is Tech-Based Middle School Better or Worse?

Teaching in middle schools has been witnessing a huge wave of transformation in recent years with the advent of technology. In recent years, teachers, parents, and students are analyzing the benefits of employing technology in education against some potential risks. Is Tech-Based Middle School Better or Worse? With an increase in usage of technology across…

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charter schoolsBonneville AcademyElementary School Charter School Vs Public School

The Modern Rules of Elementary School

Elementary schools are existing across the USA as the basic educational structure to prepare children in fundamentals aspects and skills. It can be termed as the early stage of structured education that prepares the kids for secondary school. The rules of elementary school depend on the educational aims of the individual’s schools and local communities.…

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