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What Are The Admission Criteria For Charter Schools? Does It Use selective Admissions Criteria?

Selecting the best school environment for your child is a tricky and thoroughly analyzed method that should match the needs of your child. Charter schools are gaining high popularity it offers an advantage for parents to get a school with goals that directly match the requirements of the child’s educational needs. The benefits of charter schools are exclusive and more focused on those children and families who are looking to gain the best benefits. Charter Schools have evolved as an alternative to the traditional system of education. But several parents may have doubts over charter school admission criteria and their guidelines. Keep reading below to know more. 

About Charter school: 

  • Charter schools are funded from public money excluding their services and they and evolved as a substitute to a traditional system of public schools. A team of private people can give an application and get consent for a charter to start their school. Charter schools have the advantage of getting waivers from public school districts in exchange for delivering top-notch results in academics. Charters are generally offered three to five years to authorize the achievements in academics, where the administrators check the academic performance of their students. If there is a drawback in academic performance relative to public schools, then there will be a drag in charter and will result in the closure of schools. 
  • Charter Schools offer multiple choices to students, parents, teachers, and administrators. Parents and students have the option to choose in enrolling in a school that can provide a unique learning setting. This may be a school where importance is given to practical learnings like an open field or with alternative learning practices, like specialization in arts education. Teachers and administrators will have more power to decide than other traditional public schools. Charter schools are free from several guidelines that are applied to traditional public schools. 
  • While a charter school offers individual attention to the child for increased creative learning, these schools are also under continuous pressure to give the best performance, as they are answerable to their funding, typically a state or local school board, for delivering the best academic results. The charter school administration must always follow the charter contract, with the best autonomy in exchange for accountability. Instead of strictly asking to follow several traditional regulations, they are checked on the index of academic results and sticking to their charter contracts. 

What are the admission criteria for charter schools? 

  • Any child who is eligible for admission to a traditional public school is eligible for admission to a public charter school. Admissions to a charter school cannot be restricted depending on race, disability, gender, creed, national origin, ancestry, religion, intellectual ability, events of any special achievement, and any kind of precise athletic skill.  
  • Charter schools have to give admissions to all children who are willing to attend, until and unless there is no space.​ But if the number of students who wish to attend the charter school surpasses the capacity of schools, attendance, excluding the already present students in the charter school, will be decided by a public lottery. 
  • Any kind of enrolment choices should be mentioned in the petition approved by the district/county board only after conducting a public hearing. It can only be changed via revisions that are permitted by the board of that district/county that permitted the charter. These precise revisions can only be originated by the charter petitioner. 
  • The charter school may be in request to mention the child’s name, age, grade, and contact information of the parent/guardian. If a lottery system will be employed to choose the applicants, extra information may be needed to regulate the preferences. Once the lottery process is done and the admission offer has been acknowledged by the student/family, more data can be asked to complete the enrolment course. It will comprise of residence proof for confirming the eligibility and age exactly for kindergarten or first grade. 
  • Charter schools also have the responsibility to guarantee that the enrolment processes and application needs cannot victimize the students against any specifications. The charter schools should enroll the students with disabilities offer the best possible education to people who are eligible for precise education with a proper public education without any limitations. In the view of applying to attend a charter school, it is against the law to ask for any health information until after the student has been taken into the school or has decided to enroll. 


There may be some discrepancy that may be seen in few charter schools due to two basic reasons. Primarily, it may be due to the diverse goals and missions of charter schools and goal statements. Secondly, states may have diverse charter rules, that have an impact on the authority of charter schools. As per the rules of the U.S. Department of Education states that U.S. Charter School laws protect some fundamental policy and legal aspects: 

  1. People who start the charter, the way of its grants, the type of charter contract, and associated issues. 
  2. How the school is adhering to authority, processes, and legal aspects. 
  3. The level and types of funding offered and the sponsors and self-sufficiency. 
  4. How schools are handling admissions, no limitations, stability in race and ethnicity, discipline, and delivering precise education. 
  5. Regarding the relative staffing and rules about the employers and employee relations, what staffing norms are applied with other staff rights. 
  6. The amount of authority of a charter school about the development of its motives, goals, and practices. 
  7. As the charter school serves as a contract that depends on its performance, type of selecting valuation methods, and revocation and renewal issues of the charter. 

Bottom Line: 

To get the best out of your child, select public charter schools like Bonneville Academy. It has a curriculum that emphasizes science, technology, engineering, and math letting children not only know about the focus areas but also get practical knowledge. 

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