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What Are the Commandments of School Drop-Off and Pick-Up?

your child to school in the morning and picking them after the school is most
probably two of the most rushing proceedings in a parent’s routine. But with
taking care of a few things, you can ensure that it would be a smooth process.
Below are the major commandments
of school drop-off and pick up
that has to follow by every parent:

1. Ensuring to drive in the accurate direction: Make sure to know the exact direction for drop-off and pick up thereby following the same direction every time you reach there. Look at the signboards and bright marked arrows for guidance. Ensure to calmly enter the fire lane, drop the kid swiftly and then move out of the fire lane according to the order without creating any confusion.

Park the vehicle at the correct place: 
white lines drawn in the parking lots that are done to park the cars in between
them. Ensure to park your cars exactly with a bit of attention. Failing to park
exactly in these spaces or parking the vehicles in a place that is not
allocated for parking, will create problems and confusion for all others who
want to park their vehicle in the location.

Drive slowly: 
As you enter the school premises always keep in mind
to drive slowly and carefully. It is not a racetrack and you need not show your
racing skills here. People are not looking for any of them in the school zone.
With a lot of kids and parents moving around during drop-off and pick up times,
make sure to be careful while going through the school zone.

4. Don’t start conversations in the drop-off and pick up
Do not treat the drop-off and pick up the lane
as a greeting or social gathering place. You may meet your friend or a fellow
parent who you may want to wish desperately or want to tell an exciting story
to them. Don’t start to speak out from the window of the vehicle and create a
vehicle jam behind you. Move quickly and allow others to smoothly follow the

5. Follow traffic lanes every time: All
the drive lanes and the drop off/pick up lanes are done for the optimal safety
pf the kids and parents. They ensure that the process is completed smoothly and
promptly. Even if there is a situation where your kid has forgotten anything
while you have dropped them, do not stop in the lane of it is not a parking
lot. Go to a dedicated parking space and let other vehicles continue the
process in the lane. 

6. Doing tasks in the drop-off and pick up lane: Do
not perform any last-minute tasks while dropping off your kids like signing
permission slips, giving lunch money, packing the bags or any such things. Once
you are in the school zone you need to note that you should not perform these
tasks in the drop-off or pick up lanes. You are not the only person sending the
kid to school and there are a lot many behind you to do the same. 

7. Do not use the phone while in the lane: Make
sure not to look at the phone especially your social media profiles on Facebook
or Instagram. They will be a big distraction for you when you are in the school
zone and may not have your focus on the path. Do not send your emails or text
messages too. You will not be knowing whether the vehicle in the front has
moved or halted and may lead to unwanted trouble.

8. Follow the instructions of the vehicle duty staff: Car
rider duty staff are there to keep everyone safe. Their major duty is to get
everyone to move safely and to make the complete process go swiftly. Hence when
they ask you to slow down or wait then you must obey them.

9. Convincing small kids: If your kid is not ready to
go to school and not getting out of the vehicle, then do not halt in the fire
lane and keep trying to convince him. Instead, walk directly into the parking
lot and take them inside. Even during pick up of the kid do not start the
conversation about the kid’s day experience at school. Pick them up and get
going first.

10. Help the fellow parents in need: There could be
some parents who would be carrying toddlers with extremely heavy infant seats along
with the school going kids. At such times if you are in a position to assist
them by holding the door then it could be of great help to


Tips to follow:

Tips for Parents:  

sure that your kids know and practice the safety norms for walking, cycling or
traveling in a car or school bus. Monitor young kids if they are cycling or
walking to school. Children follow the adults and hence be a respectable role
model. Always ensure to belt up and follow pedestrian safety norms.

Tips for Students: 

make sure to belt up when sitting as a passenger in any car type vehicle. Wear
a helmet and follow all the traffic rules while riding the bicycle. Even if you
are traveling by a school bus ensure to follow all the rules right from waiting
at the bus stop to getting down or climbing the bus. If you walk to the school,
then know the pedestrian rules properly and follow school norms as you enter
the school premises.

Bottom line: 

for school drop-off and pick up are crucial elements to be followed by both the
parents and students to ensure smooth ongoing of daily proceedings and also develop
discipline in the kids. With schools like Bonneville Academy Charter School in Stansbury Park UT,
you will be ensured to inculcate these good behaviors in every child and get
the benefits of these in children’s future.

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