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What Are The Psychological Effects Of Covid-19 On Students In School?

Everyone and everything have been changed since Corona Viruses Disease spread throughout, one of the most affected individuals with this pandemic is students, Charter school students.Life is very unpredictable. Every day, there are things that could happen to you that you never expected. These things may bring a good or bad outcome to your life that you should learn to adopt with, once a thing is done there is no way you can reverse it, what you need to do is to accept that it happened and find means to survive it. Life is beautiful but it’s mysterious you will never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Corona Virus Disease is the major twist in everyone’s lives today, no one expected that this would happen and that it would be global pandemic that affected most lives.

Charter school students are affected not in the way that they have been infected by the virus, but because they we’re not able to learn and go to school like the normal way. Students are vulnerable individuals; learning is fun but the pressure and the stress alongside with learning could greatly affect their personality and their daily activity performance. There are many things that is going inside a student’s mind that they could not express for some reasons but somehow going to school, meeting their friends, having conversations with their teachers sometimes lessen the anxiousness they feel, but now, since pandemic happens the psychological and physical health of a students are greatly affected.


Nobody expected or wanted COVID 19 to happen and it greatly affects students, there are good and bad effects of this pandemic to students that greatly affects their psychological health which includes their mental and emotional stability.



Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It is the body’s reaction to a challenge; stress can be positive or negative. Charter school students experience stress form their frustrations about the current situation, a student would feel frustrated because they feel and they actually know that this is not the way they wanted to learn, that is not the way they used to be, even though we cannot do something about since pandemic is unexpected there is no way to dismiss this stress level, it’s normal but what is adding to this stress level is sometimes the persons around you triggers this feelings more by invalidating that the stress you feel is just normal, that everyone is experiencing stress at this point in time but it shouldn’t be that. Stress is normal but when triggered with some stressors, can be chronic. It’s normal for a student to feel frustrated about school but what is adding fuel to fire is the pressure a just everything around, if the feelings of students were invalidated, they would not feel to open-up to those people around them which increases their stress level.


The body’s natural response to stress is Anxiety. Anxiety is the feeling of being worried, too much thinking of things around you. Charter school students are greatly affected with anxiety especially with this COVID-19 pandemic you never what comes tomorrow, what will happen next month, or what is the future of the world with this pandemic. Every time and everywhere you feel anxious about things, you worry if the person you’ve interacted with is infected, you worry if you are infected, you worry about yourself and being too much anxious, over thinking too much leads to no good consequence. There is nothing wrong being vigilant with what is happening around you but sometimes being too worried about things, built scenarios on your mind that destroys your thoughts, you are trying to avoid things too much that you think there is no other place to be safe and if these thoughts messes the mind, you cannot function well. Being anxious is not good for charter school students it can lose their focus in studying.


Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep at night that leads to daytime impairment. This COVID 19, many students experience insomnia or for some lack of sleep because of late night leisure activities, like watching movies, reading book, having late night conversations or for some they just simply can’t sleep because their thoughts won’t allow them to do so. It is difficult to battle monsters fighting inside your head especially if your alone. Students usually talk to their friends at school regarding their problems and somethings that they can’t tell their family, and it can be a good thing since there is an outlet of their emotions, they prevent the built up on unnecessary thoughts in their mind at night if they wanted to sleep. Covid-19 greatly affects charter school students in a way that being anxious about the current situation makes them worry and won’t let them sleep. If they don’t get enough sleep, they can’t focus on learning, they won’t be able to think or do things properly and even their mood changes.


Depression is a serious medical illness that is often associated with the feeling of constant hopelessness, loneliness and always having negative thoughts and emotions. Anxiety, stress and insomnia could lead to depression especially if this is not addressed properly. Stress is an indication that something is not right or not good around you that makes you feel anxious and leads to insomnia, sometimes these indications are just taken for granted, especially for students, some people think that it’s all part of their drams, but it’s definitely not. The cruelest thing you could ever do to someone is invalidate their feeling that most of the time leads to depression that they might think of doing something bad since they think that what they do or what they say don’t matter, or simply they just feel like they are invisible. Charter school students are the most vulnerable persons for depression especially with the pandemic happening. They fear the current situation, they need someone to talk but they can’t have one could lead to depression, and depression could make them loose their interest in going to school.


The new norm in schooling is entirely different from how it was used to before the pandemic happen. Students may find it a hard time to adjust with this since it’s not how they used to do it, but it takes time, with proper guidance and assistance from their teacher, families and friends they can cope up with this pandemic. One cannot really judge what a person has been through with this situation, but everyone needs to adapt. Charter school students may have hard time in adjusting but it’s just normal, they won’t be able to things like it was before, like eating together side by side with your friends, hugging, going out with friends, they just miss something that should have been a wonderful memory and there’s no one to blame because no one intended to make COVID-19 happen. Hard times don’t last.

Now is not the time to look for someone to blame with what’s going with the world, what we need is to hope that tomorrow would be better and that we could go back to our normal lives or we could live better. COVID-19 pandemic makes us reflect about ourselves and think of the good and bad things that we have done, it’s a good thing that we got to know ourselves better but for some it makes things worst.  The depression rate increased drastically because of the pandemic, what we need to now is be on each other’s back, listen if someone wants to talk to you. We have our own battles to fight, we have our burdens to carry, but this time we should help each fight it. The ones that are greatly effect of this happenings are the charter school students, students that should have had a brighter and more vivid picture of their future, students that should be learning in a fun, safe and more comfortable way, students that should be making memories with the schoolmates, students who should be experiencing all the good things in life but with COVID-19 these things were unsure. Bonneville Academy Charter School is an institution that built trust and hope for your child today, with the ongoing situation in the world, Bonneville Academy ensure the safety of your child in going to school or it can be their second safe place to confide themselves if they feel uneasy at home. Bonneville Academy is composed of experts and highly skilled profession willing to help your child adjust to the new norm of covid 19 pandemic. Bonneville academy is one with you and your child in helping have hope and envision themselves in future despite the pandemic. For your questions you may contact 435-315-2080 or email at [email protected] .

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