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What Is the Difference Between a Charter School and A Public School?

you are a parent of a middle or high school child, you would be in the process
of finding some good school. With many possible options, how would you
determine the best choice for your kid? Hence, it is very important to
understand the style of operation before getting deep into the available
facilities. You will require to know the key differences between Charter
Schools and Public Schools to help you decide which option is finest for your
child depending on the specific needs.


charter school is a public school with more independence. They are
autonomous about any district-specific admissions; hence any child can attend
the school irrespective of their home location. But charter schools are more accountable
than public schools because of their independent nature. Similar to public
school, a charter school will not demand any entrance exam and is open for all
children. There will be no tuition fees, but they need to take part in state
tests and federal accountability programs. The school will be adhering to
charter rules and norms which they are set to follow every time.

schools are a regular form of educational schools that are present in every
community of the state. They are supervised at the local level by school
districts and boards that obtain funding from a group of state and local tax
revenues along with grants and other financial honors. Most public schools
deliver students with consistent, well-versed education, in addition to diverse
sports and other extracurricular prospects.


to charter and public schools are almost similar in all the admission norms
except for the dependency on the district of residence. This is also reliant if
the school is open enrolment type. If it is open enrolment, parents are given
an option to choose the schools even from other districts. But students must be
transported only by the transport system of that particular school. Public
schools that do not provide open enrolment will not entertain such admission.
Public schools are not permissible to deny admission to any child within the
specified geographical area of the school.

charter schools allow admission for children from any district if parents can
transport them. Charter schools cannot deny admission unless a student does not
meet attendance or grade necessities. Charter schools also admit dependent on
lottery systems if the number of submissions is more, and students who don’t
get picked here are not provided admission.


Charter and public schools are funded by the government. Charter schools are
operated as privately owned schools, unlike public schools. Charter schools
receive funding from state tax income, awards, grants, and contributions.
Public schools receive their funding from the federal government, state government,
local government, allowances, rewards, and contributions. Charter schools get
their state funds on a per-student line, whereas public schools get funds in
standings of taxes. Charter schools will receive supplementary private funds,
but they receive fewer total funds.


  • The difference between charter schools and public
    schools concerning flexibility is, charter schools are operated by a private
    board and public schools are operated by the state board of education. The
    charter schools are not regulated as strictly as public schools but both
    schools are accountable to their governing bodies.
  • Charter is schools are independent of boards but
    they need to follow rules of their charter. If they fail to follow them, then
    it could lead to terrible penalties like stopping of funds from the state and
    also shutdown of those schools. Public schools follow all the norms
    administered by the school districts that create the state law.
  • Charter schools offer fewer elective subjects when
    compared to public schools. Charter schools are sometimes specialized in a
    particular subject and are termed as elective charter schools. They provide
    certain precise courses that meet the requirements of a few children. A
    performing art charter school provides the majority of subjects that are
    designed to enhance the creative skill of the students. Public schools usually
    provide electives to meet the requirements of children preparing for their
  • Charter schools provide advanced teaching
    methodologies like online learning. This provides flexibility for students to
    learn from home. Depending on the goals of charters and students, some charter
    schools are equipped with more specific modern amenities. Public schools only
    offer classroom learning environment.
  • Charter schools are more flexible since they are
    being excused from some state, local, and federal laws that are administered
    for public schools. Public schools follow all the norms as they receive funds
    to operate the schools but charter schools even get funds from the public.

Life and School Administration:

  • Charter school provide a more stress-free
    educational system which offers a chance for individuals to form a genuine and
    long-lasting relationship with peers. Thanks to small-sized classes where they
    get an ideal environment for help between peers.
  • Charter schools do not have many opportunities for
    sports and athletics, but they have the opportunities to connect with the
    larger public schools. Charter schools offer the best social collaboration
    skills along with problem-solving abilities that help them in professional
    lives. Public schools have ample sports and community engagement opportunities
    along with extracurricular activities that help children to expand their
  • Charter schools hire teachers depending on
    school-specific goals. Few schools demand similar to public school
    certifications and others are fine with high credentials in a professional
    field. Public school teachers also need to be proficient in their respective
    fields but also need certain professional certifications like masters or BA.

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Bonneville Academy is a K-8 STEM school in Stansbury Park, Utah. Bonneville Academy will foster critical thinking and problem solving skills in a challenging, student-centered environment; by encouraging exploration in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Preparing students for success in our ever changing dynamic world.

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