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Why Choose Bonneville Academy in Utah?

School is the second home of our children. Choosing a learning environment that can help our kids nurture their knowledge is the best thing to look for. Bonneville Academy is one of the leading institutes in Utah. If you’re starting to look out for schools to get in your child, beginning with Bonneville is a great idea. 

We’re here to help you discover why Bonneville Academy can be your best companion in teaching your child. Why Choose our school among all? Learn more about Bonneville Academy here in this post. 

The Bonneville Academy 

Bonneville Academy was named after Lake Bonneville, covering a majority of Utah 32,000 – 16,800 years ago. The lake itself shaped the topography of western Utah and left an unmistakable geological signature in Tooele District. 

We are a public charter school located in Stansbury, Utah, educating up to 702 students from kindergarten to 8th grade. Our school began to work with the Academic Year 2021-2022 with 546 students and continues to accept new students. 

As part of the STEM program, we mainly focus on teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math courses. But this does not only allow our students to learn about each subject. We also encouraged each learner to go beyond and discover real-world work experiences. 

Learning About The STEM Program 

Bonneville Academy is dedicated to providing the best and most high-quality curriculum for our students. Here’s how the STEM program can work towards your child’s success. 


In Science, they will learn how to use different methods and be given a chance to test their hypothesis. Learning Science can never be that “dull” again at Bonneville Academy. We ensure that your kids enjoy and engage in the subject while discovering new things. 


Bonneville academy ensures that our future leaders can think outside of the box. All courses provided in the engineering program will enable the kids to find modern-day solutions and create innovative features.


Students and teachers will use the current and latest technology throughout the school year; these devices and techniques will be explored through virtual field trips with people and professionals throughout the world.


A strong understanding and fluency in mathematics will enable the students to hone their skills. With this branch, they’ll understand how they can be successful in a variety of careers. These factors include Science, Technology, and the Engineering field.

Bonneville’s Academy Mascot

Our Academy’s Mascot is Mariner. He is someone who navigates all the scientific treasures, preparing each student for the waves of tomorrow. Our schools’ logo defines a compass with four directional points representing the four STEM areas.

Our Set-Up

Bonneville academy has many arrangements to help each student and parents be informed before coming to school.


We have our policies and procedures to ensure students learn their best with a high quality of education. Bonneville Academy has unified board members and faculty that create rules and guidelines for each student. 

All our policies are anchored on the decision of each committee for an improved system for the school. We don’t only aim to provide a good-quality education but to aspire to moral behavior. 

Calendar of Activities

We provide a calendar of activities, enabling everyone (including the faculty) to see important events at school. These dates include special holidays, school breaks, and term days. Our school calendar consists of 180 student days, approved by the board of directors. Parents and students will also be able to monitor early and late tracks within the calendar year.  

Dress Codes

We also have a dress code to ensure that the school has a dynamic and consistent environment. Learning can be fun if there’s comfortable attire and uniform that each kid would have. 

Dress codes are a way to improve behavior, increased security, and fewer disciplinary issues. These guidelines are also set to ensure that there will be no extra burden on families by requiring students to wear specific clothing.

Administration & Faculty

Our administration and faculty are all certified and skilled professionals. We ensure that each member can deliver good quality education, teaching kids a better future here at Bonneville Academy. 

Covid-19 Updates

Health and safety matter a lot here at Bonneville Academy. With covid-19 still around, we continue to follow any restrictions and rules to ensure that all students are safe. For the most part, we don’t want what’s only best for your child but also for their well-being. 

All Covid-19 information will get updated as it becomes available. Covid19 recommendations and restrictions will be posted on the site for more updates. 

School Supplies 

One feature that works uniquely great with our school is the list of school supplies. For a first-time mom, you may ask, “What’s this for?”

We have our list of school supplies recommended by each teacher for Elementary and Middle School. Often, these are the things that your kids will mostly need at school. We don’t want parents to have a hard time thinking about what can be the best materials for their kids or not. 

With the list provided, you’ll be able to cut down your time. And only buy things that your kids will use for the future. At some points, this can also help you save your budget to use for other school stuff! 

Bonneville Academy For Your Child’s Education

Whether they are in elementary or middle school, choosing a school for your child is challenging. Sometimes, it’s not all about the budget, the location, or external aspects, but it’s all about quality education. 

The bottom line comes down to whether a school can help your kid’s future or not. Remember that there are educational and social needs that each Academy needs to fulfill. Academic requirements are critical, but social means can be more.

A school where your child can be happy and thrive can be better for their education and well-being. It’s not about you being comfortable as a parent, but your child becomes who they are. 

If you’re interested in Bonneville’s Academy, have a seat with us today and see more of our programs. We ensure that kids can have a brighter smile for tomorrow at our school.

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