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Why Do Kids Go To Charter Schools? Are Charter Schools A Good Idea?

Education is one of the
essential things that every parent is aiming to give to each child in the
family. There will even be instances that when you are eyeing two houses, you
will probably choose the smaller house at the same price because of how good
the schools in that area are. Depending on your family’s income and expenses,
paying a tuition fee might not be the most practical or achievable thing to

Families, most of the time,
only knows about public and private schools. Parents’ choices most of the time
are decided by the answer to one question, “Can I afford a private
school?”. If the answer is yes, then lucky for your child. They will be
able to go to a school with a well-maintained facility that has many resources
for learning and where book to student ratio is 1:1 , with advanced lessons
being a part of their regular curriculum and taught together with the usual
subjects. All your child needs to do is to pass their entrance exam and a very
intricate interview and voila! Welcome to the private school.

Not all parents will have
the answer, though, and there are people who, as much as they want to, will not
be able to send their child to a private school and, therefore, would need to
find an excellent performing public school in the area. Even if the same board
of education governs public schools in a state, there are still those that
excel or outperform the others. Thinking about it, not every child will be as
lucky as the others, not to mention the different funding allocation provided
per state for the per-student budget of every school. Not all public schools
can provide a 1:1 book to student ratio. 

Due to different allocation
provided per state, some schools have more resources than others. Moreover, in
everything that you have dealt with in life, it was and always will be better
to have enough funds. As a parent, you will be thinking, is this all the option
that you have? No, of course not! There is another school category that not
known to most parents; most of the time, it is not even part of surveys;
therefore, they don’t show in statistics. Even after twenty-eight years of
existence, most of the time, there is no mention of Charter Schools during
campaigns, speeches, or fund-raisings. 

Charter school is the
answer for the decade-long dilemma of parents who want more for their
children’s education. Charter schools were founded by the idea of providing
quality education and advancements like a private school without the expense of
paying for a tuition fee. It is government-funded like a public school; charter
schools are a blessing to educators, parents, and students.

Are Charter
Schools a good idea?

The idea of charter school
started in the 1970s and founded in 1992 in Saint Paul, MN. The idea was then
put into test in the 1980s and was able to get the very first approval and was
able to build the charter school in 1992.

Although not all charter
schools succeeded, the majority of the charter schools still provide excellent
results and performance. Passing and graduating from a charter school is not an
easy task; they have high standards, which is why students and educators exert
much effort to ensure that each student will be able to learn, pass and
graduate. On top of that, they also aim that graduating high school students
pursue their college education, and they are succeeding in it. Based on
statistics, students from charter schools have a higher probability of
continuing their college education after graduating from high school.

The different learning
methods and curriculum in charter schools also help students to build a good
study habit that helps them up to college. 

Why do kids
go to Charter Schools?

Most of the time, parents
will choose a school for their kids depending on the success rate by observing
the educators that teach in the school and the other students that go to the
same school. Including in the things that parents consider is word-of-mouth
from other parents and the quantifiable proof of the schools teaching methods.

In terms of grades,
thirty-three percent of charter school students have better grades than their
public school counterparts. Research also showed that charter schools had
gained a high score on a standardized test such as the SAT, which is a
requirement for college admission. SAT scores will also dictate if a student
can take the course that they want to as a part of the course requirement.

In the most recent SAT
examination, charter schools took the top spots and have proved once again that
aside from their continuous improvement in English, math, and science, they are
still able to outperform their counterparts.

Charter schools have unique teaching methods that capture the interest of the students and
raining them to have a healthy and productive study habit that helps them
balance their school and social life. 

What is the
advantage of Charter School?

Since charter schools have
freedom from the strict regulations of the education board, they can formulate,
design, and adopt different teaching and learning techniques that make it easy
for students to learn and understand the lessons. Charter schools can also
amend their curriculum to focus on specialized learning like science or math,
where students will be allowed to learn things in advance while still having
fun at school.

As a result of these unique
teaching methods, students are enjoying the time that they spend in school and
learning. Despite the strict school regulation in terms of academic matters,
students in charter schools have a lesser tendency of unhealthy stress. 

Some charter schools are also STEM schools. STEM schools focus on
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math as their specialty in terms of
curriculum. Bonneville Academy Charter School in Stansbury Park, UT is one of
those STEM charter schools and have provided excellent education to their

Significant stride in the
student’s learning is noticeable through the specialized and unique curriculum
used in charter schools without the need to pay for an expensive tuition fee.
Statistics also showe that students from charter schools are more inclined to
pursue a college degree.

Bottom Line:

Charter schools will be
able to provide an excellent education to their students, have a curriculum
that specializes in specific learning, and educates your child in a way that he
or she deserves without the need to sacrifice the family’s finances. Bonneville Academy Charter School in Stansbury Park, UT is one of the best charter
schools that uses the STEM curriculum in helping your child excel.

Bear in mind that no matter
how excellent and efficient your child’s school is, that learning will only be
as good as it’s reinforcement at home. Your child’s success is not just the
credit of the teacher, but recognition to the parents as well. The school and
the parents should work together to achieve a common goal; for the students to
be successful in school and life. 

As a parent, it is your
responsibility to find a responsible and excellent partner in your child’s
education. Whatever lessons taught during their primary and secondary school
will play a big role in whom they will become in the future. 

Bonneville Academy is a K-8 STEM school in Stansbury Park, Utah. Bonneville Academy will foster critical thinking and problem solving skills in a challenging, student-centered environment; by encouraging exploration in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Preparing students for success in our ever changing dynamic world.

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