Why Do We Need A Dress Code

Why Do We Need A Dress Code?

The point of a dress code is to tell students and parents what clothes are appropriate for school. The truth is, dress code is the most important way for students to learn a skill that is important for getting and keeping a job.

As adults, we know there is a difference between how we dress for work and how we dress for fun. Teaching kids this difference is essential for their long-term success. 

Again, the dress code’s ultimate goal is to ensure that outerwear doesn’t get in the way of learning, stop school activities, or pose a safety risk. 

So, In this blog, Bonneville Academy Charter School will talk about how important it is for schools to have dress codes. See how you can also help your child how to choose the right clothes for them.

What is Dress Code?

A dress code is a rule about how to dress for a particular place or group, like a school, office, army, or group. Every event or function has a specific way to dress, like casual, formal, a theme, or a dress code.

Over the past ten years, school dress codes have become more common worldwide. Instead of making students wear dress codes, dress codes tell them what they can wear as long as it meets the school’s color, style, and cut standards. 

So, school dress codes are meant to create a particular atmosphere at school while still giving students some room to express themselves through what they wear.

Still, many parents like that schools have dress codes because it helps them ensure their kids are dressed right. Thus, other parents wonder if dress codes take away their child’s individuality.

Why Have a Dress Code?

As we always mentioned, dress codes must incorporate value and decency. But other than that, what else could be why we need a dress code? Here are other factors.

Puts More Emphasis on Teaching Rather Than Clothing

In school settings, dress codes have a leveling effect because they focus on learning instead of showing off one’s social status through clothing. This is especially true in schools where there is a big difference in how well off some students are compared to others. 

This creates a level playing field between people who can’t afford to buy new dresses all year long to keep up with changing weather and beauty trends and those who can.

With Dress Codes, School Hallways Are a Lot Safer

These days, schools aren’t as safe as they used to be, and kids are even killing each other. This is happening because they have to have expensive shoes and designer jackets that other people wear. 

But if every student in a school wears a dress code, the number of fights and thefts will drop to the lowest level possible. Violence-based crimes can be stopped by having people wear dress codes.

Raise Every Student’s Attendance

One great thing about school outfits is that they can help raise attendance rates. One of the first reasons is that if you wear the same thing as everyone else, you are less likely to be made fun of by other students. 

You’d feel a lot more comfortable. With dress codes, students from lower-income families no longer feel bad about themselves because of the class of their clothes. This also makes them much more eager to go to school.

Boost Your School’s Neighborhood and Pride

When students follow a dress code at school, it’s often a source of local pride. Experts looked at more than 1,000 middle schools to see how dress codes affected the classroom. 

They found that students who wore dress codes had much more positive feelings about the whole community than those who could wear almost anything they wanted daily.

When students feel like they belong in the classroom, there is more caring, respect, and trust in the whole school. It helps students feel like they are part of a team instead of trying to do everything independently.

Help Students Get Ready For The Outside World

School dress codes teach kids how to act in formal situations, which we all have to deal with at some point in our lives. We should dress and look different depending on what’s going on.

Job interviews are an ideal example of this. Your child will learn that adults must dress professionally for work if they wear a school dress code.

Bonneville Academy Charter School Dress Code

Our dress code at Bonneville Academy aims to help the school have a fun, active, and consistent atmosphere while getting the benefits of a uniform, such as better behavior, more security, and fewer disciplinary problems. 

Students must dress modestly, keep their appearance clean, neat, and orderly, and care for their hygiene and grooming.

The following outfits are not allowed:

Top Clothing

  • No Neon Colors
  • No Ads, pictures, logos, or other pictures or designs. (more significant than a quarter)
  • No Tank tops or midriffs are allowed in the building.
  • You must not wear hoods must in the building.


  • No shorts, dresses, or skirts over 2 inches above the knee.
  • No Ill-fitting bottoms (cannot be too tight or too loose)
  • No Ads, pictures, logos, or other pictures or designs. (more significant than a quarter)
  • There are no leggings or jeggings without a tunic top, shorts, or skirt covering the whole bottom.


  • Unless the administration says so, you can’t have weird, extreme, or unusual hairstyles. 
  • You also can’t wear shoes with open toes or heels ( you must cover the entire foot).
  • No Wheelie shoes
  • No Clothing and accessories that could be annoying or cause security problems.
  • No clothing with tears, holes, fraying, or other damage. 
  • No hair accessories that are distracting or more significant than 2 inches in diameter.
  • No Underwear on Display
  • No Gauges
  • No Chains
  • No hats

Each student must abide by these policies for a better and safer learning environment. 

The Bottom Line

So, to sum up, dress code is a big part of keeping order in a school and keeping students focused on their studies instead of getting involved in social and cultural issues.

A neutral dress code helps prepare students for the real world by teaching them to accept that people are different. Also, it’s hard to decide what to wear every day of the school year.

Here at Bonneville Academy Charter School, we ensure that your children have a safe space and environment for learning and meeting new friends. We don’t only value education but also their well-being. 

To know more about how our school can help your kids inside and out, you can contact us and see our application process. Come and visit us today and let us help you and your child get the best education for their future!

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