Public Schools vs. Catholic Schools

Public Schools vs. Catholic Schools

One of the essential factors a parent will make is where their child should go to school. When deciding between Catholic school and public school, you must consider a few things. 

As you make this critical choice, think about the pros and cons of each option. Today, Bonneville Academy Charter School is here to help and guide you through this journey.

Check out this blog post and see which school is best for your kid. You can also look at how our school, Bonneville Academy Charter School, nurtures children for their best! 

Choosing What’s Best

Many parents think that Catholic schools and other Christian schools are better than public schools in some ways. But is a Catholic or private school better if you want your child to get the best education?

Catholic schools are an excellent alternative to public schools, especially since many were built from scratch in the last ten years. Each has excellent facilities with the latest technology and features. 

Students in private schools have more fun things to do than ever before. Children get a better education at private schools because they are more involved in schoolwork and activities outside of school. 

It’s also ideal if parents are a part of the community for their children to learn at home. But what’s good about Catholic Schools? See the reason below. 

Why Choose Catholic Institutions

Catholic schools help the Church do its work by making religious education a central part of 

Its curriculum. In many provinces, Catholic schools are paid for by the area and may be free. Whether they are private or public, Catholic schools have different educational affiliations. Still, they encourage students to grow in the Church and study doctrine and theology.

Should You Be Catholic To Qualify?

Whether public or private, Catholic schools rarely ask students or their parents to say they believe in the Roman Catholic faith. Most of the time, it is enough that schools can teach Roman Catholic beliefs to children.

If Catholic is not your best choice, you still want to attend public schools. Here’s what you can consider: 

The Location

When choosing a school, it’s essential to think about how things will work. Sometimes you must think about how long your child will take and get home to school.

Students who are enrolled in public schools must be given transportation. On the other hand, some private schools provide transportation for their students, while others expect parents to make their plans. 

Parents who work outside the home sometimes need carpools or babysitters to get their kids to and from school.

Class Sizes

Suppose you are trying to decide between public and private schools for your child. In that case, the size of the classes is one of the most significant differences.

The average class size in a Catholic or other private school is twenty students. Most public schools have about thirty students in each class. Most people who know much about education agree that small classes are better. 

Students attain more attention and are less likely to get lost in the system. Teachers know their students’ names and understand their strengths and weaknesses. Experts disagree on whether or not every student should pay for a private school. 

Students who work hard on their own can do well in public schools. Some families can’t afford to send their kids to private schools. But some students do better when there are fewer of them in the room. If your child has special needs or is very shy, they might need a small, caring environment. The answer might be a Catholic school.

Individual Attention

As was said above, Catholic and private school teachers can get to know their students in smaller classes. They quickly figure out who needs more help with reading.

They also learn about things like problems at home, being sick, or being bullied that might slow the student down. When they know more about what each student is going through, they can better come up with solutions.

Some students can learn things faster than others. Some people learn better by doing things independently, while others do better by listening. Most students do better in a good school culture when their teachers pay attention to them as individuals.

Each family must decide whether this kind of financial investment is worth it. The decision may depend on many things, like how much each parent makes, how many kids they have, and what each child is good at and interested in.

There are ways to make the cost of private school less of a burden on your budget. Some private schools based on religion are cheaper than others. There are also scholarship programs at many private schools for those who qualify.


If your family thinks it’s essential for your child to be religious daily, a Catholic school might be a good choice. Some Christians send their kids to Catholic schools because they like how a faith-based education helps their kids grow spiritually.

Unlike public schools, many faith-based schools have chapel time or a daily prayer in the classroom. Bibles, religious art, or crucifixes may be on display. Catholic schools might also refuse to teach birth control in their sex education classes.

Catholic School vs. Public School

Parents may feel pressure from friends and other family members about the different kinds of education. However, each family must make these decisions based on their circumstances and goals. 

If you’re trying to decide between Catholic and public schools, talk to your child and your partner about which one might be best for everyone. 

You can contact us and apply here at Bonneville Academy Charter School to know whether your kid may be the best fit for our school. We have different afterschool programs and strict dress codes so that your child can practice great values and discipline in the future. 

Again, don’t hesitate to reach us whenever you are interested in studying here at our school. We can’t wait to help you and your kid learn!

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