8 Ways Public Charter School Can Increase the Productivity | Bonneville Academy in Stansbury Park, Utah

8 Ways Public Charter Schools Can Increase Your Productivity

Selecting the best school for your child is a crucial and responsible process for all the parents. Choosing public charter schools will provide you with the benefit of perfectly aligning with the goals and educational requirements of the child. Charter schools are present as autonomous educational sources for publicly funded schools in a community that is developed via taxes and

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A Letter From Your Teacher | Bonneville Academy in Stansbury Park, Utah

A Letter From Your Teacher

The halls are quiet now, but excitement is in the air. Teachers, staff, and countless others are preparing a new year. As I walk the halls I hear the voices of those who went before you. I see the antics, friendships, and growth. I am excited to meet you, to watch you learn, grow, and reach your greatest potential. I

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Charter School Building | Bonneville Academy in Stansbury Park, Utah

Are charter schools better than public schools?

Being a parent, it is important to offer an ideal environment and opportunity for the kids to achieve success in life. Hence, an important aspect of this step is giving them the best chance to thrive both in education and society. In recent years, there have been several talks about the success rate of charter schools and public schools in

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Lego League Class After School Club in Bonneville Academy | Stansbury Park, Utah

Benefits of Lego League Class After School Club in Charter Schools

Thebenefits of after school clubs for children are extensive and diverse, rightfrom psychological, social benefits and physical benefits due to innovative andfun-filled activities. Many scientific kinds of research have proven thatchildren who are indulging themselves in after school activities will help themin their overall development. Participation of the child in regular afterschool activities will help them to develop their personality,

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Stop Bullying in Charter School | Bonneville Academy | Stansbury Park, Utah

Bullying – How To Stop It in Schools? Bonneville Academy Charter School

If there’s one attitude that you wouldn’t want to tolerate, that would be bullying. You name it. Whether you are an adult or a child, bullying is not good. Nor is it healthy. Bullying is such an aggressive behavior that most people insult and humiliate others. It also involves the imbalances of strength and power. What’s worse, if repeated, things

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Cooperative Learning Activities To Do in Middle School Science Class

Do you think your kid’s having a problem at school? If you’re a school staff (or even a parent), you might wonder what cooperative learning activities can help your child. At Bonneville Academy, we are here to assist you with your kids’ educational environment and learning activities for better performance. Discover more about cooperative learning in this post!  What is Cooperative

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