Encourage healthy eating in School | Bonneville Academy | Stansbury Park, Utah

How can we Encourage Healthy Eating in School?

One exceedingly challenging task is getting kids toeat right. Implementing right eating habits is necessary, given that childhoodobesity is on the rise. Let us look at how it is possible to encouragehealthy eating in school. Green Ain’t Always Mean Kids must be made to realise that while the greenson their plate may look dismal or taste yucky, greens add to

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Charter School | Bonneville Academy | Stansbury Park, Utah


Charter schools are, not by a long shot, very much different when compared to traditional public schools. By definition, it is also a public school that the government funds. In other words, taxpayer money runs these schools; they don’t charge tuition and are open to any student who wishes to enroll, like how other public schools operate. The main difference

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Kid thinking | Charter School | Bonneville Academy

How do charter schools work in Utah?

A charter school is funded publicly and run with operations that are headed by educational authorities. Charter schools have unique standards than other regular public schools. The follow specialized teaching methods and do not have stern rules that are followed by regular public schools. Schools like Bonneville Academy named after lake Bonneville provide quality elementary and secondary schooling and encourage

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Children enjoying pre school activity | Charter School | Bonneville Academy | Stansbury Park, Utah

How Do Pre-school Activities Enhance The Learning Quality of Kids?

Letting your kids enter pre-school? Have you ever wondered how this level affects your child’s learning capacity? If you need help and questions about this, Bonneville Academy Charter School can help!  We not only cater to effective programs for your kids, but we also teach them the best learning. Learn more about how pre-school activities can help your kids at

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School Lunch after Learning | Charter School | Bonneville Academy | Stansbury Park, Utah

How does School Lunch Affect Learning

It is not a hidden factthat your diet plays an essential role in your mind and has an effect on yourmental and physical health. When an individual ishealthy enough, he is capable of participating in various physical activities.And this is not restrained to only adults but also applicable to children.Healthy diet and nutrition have a remarkable impact on their academicperformance,

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Children going to school | Charter School | Bonneville Academy | Stansbury Park, Utah

Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten at Charter School?

Sending the child to school could be a nervous, tricky task, especially if the child is going to Kindergarten. It involves making some right decisions to check the best start age and date, guaranteeing if they are socially ready, and preparing them to learn well. Parents strive harder to set the best possible facility in the beginning to ensure that

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